Developing an Awareness Mindset

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What people are saying about Liz

My time with Liz is priceless. Liz has helped me overcome deep-buried limiting beliefs about myself.  On my spiritual journey to my best self, Liz taught me that I am enough. I am blessed that Liz is in my life and that I am able to call her friend.


Liz is great at what she does, and I recommend her services, especially if you are looking for a positive transformation in your life.


I have seen positive changes in my business (more customers, more revenues) and in my personal life (greater sense of confidence, purpose, direction and rootedness) that I could not have achieved on my own.


My Mission

I’ve dedicated my life to showing people how to transform their lives by being present and energized so they can achieve of life of passion, purpose, and abundance.

About me

Transformation takes time, patience and fortitude

I am a warrior of mind, body and spirit.  For decades, I have been fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind.   I have spent my career as a high-performing professional guiding others from despair to hope because I believe that you can change your life from the inside out.  My books, courses, and speaking engagements help you learn how to take control of your life, master your mind and most importantly create New Beliefs, New Identity and New Habits.


I help you Live An Energized Life by transforming from the inside out and help you understand yourself and appreciate others by gaining clarity on who you are, how you want to be in this world, and what you truly want.

I help you understand the answers to life’s 3 BIG questions:

Who do I want to be?
What is holding me back from having the life that I TRULY want?
What habits do I want to create for myself? 

I help you develop the calm confidence you need to handle anything thrown your way so you can live the Life You Truly Want, a life full of purpose, passion, and abundance.


Liz Jakoi About Me