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Master Your Mind


Whether you’re a Manager, Leader, Team Lead, or Team Member, you have innate leadership potential that is waiting to be unleashed in this foundation program.

During 12 weeks of immersive experience, you build mental fitness by strengthening 3 core muscles that help you shift from the negative sabotage patterns holding you back into developing your authentic leadership style utilizing your natural strengths and abilities.

You can engage your team alongside you in order to build a cohesive structure of understanding everyone. This involves in boosting the self-conscious muscles, intercepting sabotage patterns, and looking at things from your innate Sage perspective.

A comprehensive process of introductory meetings, followed by facilitated weekly sessions to supplement the enlightening videos, daily focused activities and accountability with support for personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll learn to lead from within.

You’ll notice positive changes in yourself, your team, and your colleagues that resonate into your personal life, enriching your overall well-being with a peaceful, calm, and focused mind.

Accelerate Your Success


Your innate wise leader is discovered in this program that guides to diving deeper into your ambitions and desires. This program creates a path toward the resilient leader that ignites, inspires, and innovates ways to build trust, harmony, commitment, accountability, and desired outcomes by having everyone in alignment with your goals and vision.

Accelerate Your Success program follows the foundation Master Your Mind program and is 12 weeks in length. It applies to a variety of work and life applications. You learn the importance of influence as a guiding force.

This is a 12-week program to apply the foundation to a variety of work and life applications. We cover topics on Stress, Wellness, Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Creativity, and so much more.

Intutive Decision Making


This program is designed to develop intuitive decision-making in business without the use of facts, figures, and procedures.

In 12 weeks, you learn what personal and professional decision needs to be made relatively quickly with the ability to assess situations, have options, look for patterns, and move innovative ideas forward to help clarify and make choices.

You fine-tune your abilities to study cues and understand exactly what is going on so that you can make specific decisions with repetitive practice.