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A Dedicated Leader to Your Team, You Want to Cultivate a Thriving Culture.

Through tailored coaching, you ignite your true inner power, lead with inspired action and utilize your wise creative leader within to become innovative in the transformative power of strength based empowerment.  Liz provides you and your team a safe environment where you all can take a dive deep into your desires, ambitions and identify barriers that have been holding you back so that you can create an innovative path forward that transforms your team and dazzle others around you.

I facilitate sessions with individuals, teams, departments and organizations to tap into the knowledge, strength, abilites and wisdom within each leader and team member with evolving trends and practices in neuroscience, psychology, and performance for overall improvement. 

IMAGINE what it would be like to:


Master the battlefield in your mind in order make decisions with confidence and certainity


Be resilient in the face of challenges without struggling


Unleash dormant potential feeling energized to be pulled toward your vision


Positively impact others by creating a strength based culture that empowers each other to grow and elevate the team's performance


Improved performance, enriched relationships at work, in life, and overall well-being with a calm, focused mind

I know what it’s like to be a high achiever yet feel like you are not as far along as you should be. 

After 20 plus years in the corporate world, that began in Human Resources, Training and Development, Team Lead for Career Exploration, and Employment Counsellor, I became aware that there was a gap in all the training and development programs.  Providing the skills, knowledge and training to lead better, provide better customer service and improve sales was not enough.  I found that in order to have a substantial positive impact on your business,  employees, professional and personal life,  it is important to focus less on the specific, tactical skills and focus more on building self-awareness, intuition and resilience in order to adapt to the dynamic and evolving challenges in today’s world.

Master Your Mindset focuses on igniting your innate power and inspires you to take innovative action toward you desired results by awakening you to the sabotage patterns and rewiring your beliefs so that you can easily step into your new identity.

Success Stories


working with her is very calming and a safe place to do tough work

Liz is an amazing and effective leadership development Coach. I have been working with her for a few months and the results were amazing.

She asks gentle but effective questions that really highlight opportunities for me to challenge old beliefs and eliminate roadblocks in my life. She has helped me to get unstuck, and get good momentum in my personal and professional life.

Liz is a gentle but strong soul, so working with her is very calming and a safe place to do tough work.

“I have seen positive changes in my business (more customers, more revenues) and in my personal life (greater sense of confidence, purpose, direction, and rootedness) that I could not have achieved on my own.”



“During a coach session with Liz her natural ability to listen and digest a number of situations and then distill it into manual manageable chunks were just some of the benefits from my session.

She quickly guided me in recognizing what my role was as leader and to develop a simple communication style.”


I highly recommend working with Liz if you want to grow and scale your business or profession.

The program is a holistic approach to improving your mental, physical and spiritual self.

In the small group atmosphere, Liz creates a safe and supportive space where I felt comfortable sharing and exploring my personal challenges and goals.  Her one on one coaching sessions are equally transformative, personalized and provide invaluable insights.

If you are looking for a coach who truly cares about your journey, I wholehearedly recommend Liz Jakoi.  She is a true professional who embodies athenticity, empathy and a commitment to helping her clients thrive.

Liz’s expertise and her ability to genuinely connect with her clients is remarkable.  She helped me not only gain a deeper understanding of myself but also equipped me with the tools and mindset necessary for personnal and professional growth, and improved mental well-being.

Liz Jakoi About Me

What if you could work on the root cause that sabotages performance and create lasting positive change for susatainalbe results?

Master Your Mindset program is an immersive foundational program designed to give you a daily personalized practice to strengthen 3 core mental muscles.  Like physical fitness, emotional and mental fitness is equally important in helping you create lasting positive habits to improve performance, boost productivity and strengthen relationships.  It’s learning to regulate your emotions to manage stress.

Combining physical, mental and intuitive fitness, you can elevate your life so that you can live in peace and calm despite what is happening around you.  Using my signature Trifecta Framework,  I guide you to:


Be inpsired to grow in meaningful and lasting ways which positively impacts those around you


Create an environment where everyone feels safe to make mistakes, be authentic and feel supported and cared for


Embrace conflict as an opportunity to learn, grow and take action with positive outcomes for everyone


Feel more confident to step into your true powerful self and in control of your emotions


Live in Ease and Flow and still be driven to succeed

Speaking and Events

Liz is a powerful and engaging speaker with a story that is relatable and passionate. Her drive to change her life at 56 has inspired many successful business professionals to change their lives through mind-body-soul coaching. Liz provides a message of hope for anyone who wants to live their true potential.

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Liz is a wonderful coach...

Liz is a wonderful coach who knows how to listen and take the information given to her to tailor options and ideas for individual results. Her personable manner, great sense of humour and extensive knowledge makes her a valuable resource. I greatly appreciated the assistance she offered me and found her advice to be very useful”.

Laurie M.

Liz helped me see how I could be worthwhile...

Liz is down to earth, reassuring; yet with a professional presence and presentation. She managed to draw out what good qualities I have.  I was surprised with what she drew out from me; it was quite a big list.  I’d been concentrating too much on what I couldn’t do and Liz helped me see how I could be worthwhile in the work force.”

Denise S.

I feel a lot clearer about my direction in the future.

“I want to thank you and reiterate how very inspiring you are.  I respect and listen to you, and I think this is because you care, you’ve been there and you understand how hard the struggle is and this comes across loud and clear.  I feel a lot clearer about my direction in the future.”


You prepared me for making choices...

“Thank you for your patience, hard work and sense of humour.  I came feeling limited in my abilities.  You prepared me for making choices and transitioning smoothly from what was our comfort zone into areas involving risk and personal challenge.  I came feeling limited and left armed with the personal strength and confidence to make the necessary changes that will positively affect my future.”

Valerie G.

You made me realize anything was possible for me...

“You are very helpful and kind in a time when I was very down.  You made me realize that anything was possible for me, just as long as I put my effort into it.  I am sincerely grateful to you.  I truly believe that it’s important to thank those who have helped you get to where you would like to be and you have done that for me.  Thank you.”


You have rekindled the fire in me and given me faith...

“I will be ever grateful for all the interest, effort and assistance you have given me.  You encouraged me not to give up.  You believed in me even when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You have rekindled the fire in me and given me faith.  You are one in a million.”


Liz is an effective speaker and educator...

Liz is an effective speaker and educator.  She is sociable, approachable and a good listener.  She shares ideas and fills up each individual with confidence and self-esteem by using her very special psychological tactics”

Rita A.