Think it.  Change it.  Live it.

You’re feeling stuck in your business and your personal life.   You begin to move forward only to feel frustrated, scared and overwhelmed again.

The fastest way to generate your true income potential is to eliminate 90% of what you are currently doing and focus on this one single strategy, that doesn’t require you to start and stop moving forward.

I get it.  I’ve been there.

My Journey

I almost ended my life many years ago – but I’m here to tell you that you CAN make a change, you CAN move forward to reach goals and live the life you want.

With this one change you can radically meet your health goals and feel good about your body without spending a lot of time, money and effort.

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Success Stories


working with her is very calming and a safe place to do tough work
Liz is an amazing and effective Transformative Coach. I have been working with her for a few months now and the results are amazing.

She asks gentle but effective questions that really highlight opportunities for me to challenge old beliefs and eliminate roadblocks in my life. She has helped me to get unstuck, and get good momentum in my personal and professional life.

Liz is a gentle but strong soul, so working with her is very calming and a safe place to do tough work.

“I have seen positive changes in my business (more customers, more revenues) and in my personal life (greater sense of confidence, purpose, direction, and rootedness) that I could not have achieved on my own.”


I now live in peace and calm.

I was questioning many things in my life. I was in emotional pain and felt hollow.

I had this big gaping hole inside me and I was spiralling downward. I was full of anger and rage.

Liz used her specialized psychological coaching skills, gave me an understanding of the neuroscience behind the limiting beliefs, and shared some intelligent wisdom.

This helped me to open my eyes and reconnect to who I truly am and taught me how to make permanent changes to my thinking by rewiring my brain.

I now live in peace and calm.


I highly recommend working with Liz if you want to grow and scale your business or profession.

I’m so grateful that I met Liz at a virtual networking event.

In my mind, our first one-on-one conversation was going to be a deep dive into what our client offerings entail and how we could both help each other. It started like that but became so much more.

Liz asked some pointed questions and had me crying as I realized how much my failing marriage was impacting my happiness and business growth. A few weeks later I was officially one of Liz’s lucky clients. Before we began working together I had no idea how to fix my home life. My marriage issues were always something that I thought about with hopelessness. I would turn to my 11-year-old for support.

My anger and resentment about not being supported in my business by my husband and parents created chaos, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. which reinforced self-doubt, negative self-talk. I was wasting my time worrying about what others think, and living in a state of chaos.

Liz’s specialized coaching and unique gift to uncover deep-rooted subconscious beliefs helped me make permanent lasting changes to focus on what makes me happy.

My thinking has completely changed and I live in a state of peace and calm. This allows me to be creative and now I have confidence, clarity, and joy which allows me to live in flow.

I highly recommend working with Liz if you want to grow and scale your business or profession.

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Imagine waking up every day feeling powerful, energized and confident as you move through your day.

Understanding the 4 pillars of health, you can reverse the mental and physical effects of aging so you can live a vibrant, independent life that doesn’t require you to rely on others.

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Speaking and Events

Liz is a powerful and engaging speaker with a story that is relatable and passionate. Her drive to change her life at 57 has inspired many successful business professionals to change their lives through mind-body-soul coaching. Liz provides a message of hope for anyone who wants to live their true potential.

Free Video Meditation

This 5 minute guided video/audio mediation technique helps you relax and unwind so that you can get clarity and focus on the real issues or problems.  It is a quick, simple and easy to use technique that you can use anywhere when stress, anxiety, overwhelm and racing thoughts pop up just by breathing into your heart.

Recipes and Mind-Body Health

Discover how mindset, eating better, moving your body and working on your soul can help you to live a life of serendipity.  Shifting mindset tips, fitness,  recipes, and inspiring stories…visit the Blog for more!

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Liz is a wonderful coach...

Liz is a wonderful coach who knows how to listen and take the information given to her to tailor options and ideas for individual results. Her personable manner, great sense of humour and extensive knowledge makes her a valuable resource. I greatly appreciated the assistance she offered me and found her advice to be very useful”.

Laurie M.

Liz helped me see how I could be worthwhile...

Liz is down to earth, reassuring; yet with a professional presence and presentation. She managed to draw out what good qualities I have.  I was surprised with what she drew out from me; it was quite a big list.  I’d been concentrating too much on what I couldn’t do and Liz helped me see how I could be worthwhile in the work force.”

Denise S.

I feel a lot clearer about my direction in the future.

“I want to thank you and reiterate how very inspiring you are.  I respect and listen to you, and I think this is because you care, you’ve been there and you understand how hard the struggle is and this comes across loud and clear.  I feel a lot clearer about my direction in the future.”


You prepared me for making choices...

“Thank you for your patience, hard work and sense of humour.  I came feeling limited in my abilities.  You prepared me for making choices and transitioning smoothly from what was our comfort zone into areas involving risk and personal challenge.  I came feeling limited and left armed with the personal strength and confidence to make the necessary changes that will positively affect my future.”

Valerie G.

You made me realize anything was possible for me...

“You are very helpful and kind in a time when I was very down.  You made me realize that anything was possible for me, just as long as I put my effort into it.  I am sincerely grateful to you.  I truly believe that it’s important to thank those who have helped you get to where you would like to be and you have done that for me.  Thank you.”


You have rekindled the fire in me and given me faith...

“I will be ever grateful for all the interest, effort and assistance you have given me.  You encouraged me not to give up.  You believed in me even when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You have rekindled the fire in me and given me faith.  You are one in a million.”


Liz is an effective speaker and educator...

Liz is an effective speaker and educator.  She is sociable, approachable and a good listener.  She shares ideas and fills up each individual with confidence and self-esteem by using her very special psychological tactics”

Rita A.

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