Thriving in COVID19

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Thriving in Uncertainity

I am not a religious person, doctor or scientist.  What I am is a student of personal development for over 40 years.  More recently, I have been looking at and studying metaphysics.  I have always been an expert in recognizing patterns of human behaviour and then use what I see to coach to move people from a state of negativity into a state of positivity by looking at options, different perspectives and look at what else can be operating here.

Is this really a crisis?  Is it a blessing?

We know that moment by moment, life is always working for us and that we live in a world of infinite possibilities.  This is the greatest opportunity for us to develop ourselves mentally, physcialy and spiritually.

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all that is needed to see the light”.  Dan Brown, author of DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons

What is the real problem?

Humans for centuries have been impacting the planet in an unbelievably destructive and disruptive way.  When you look at industry creating pollution, massive fires in Australia, extreme weather, climate change, fires, droughts, floods, the energy industry, the way we treat our animals as a food source is having an impact on the planet.

As a result of all this, our polar icecaps are melting, seas are rising and flooding places like Venice, crazy storms that covered homes with ice, Amazon rain forest destruction. etc.

Look at how humans treat other humans causing them to flee their countries, prisons are overflowing, human and child trafficking, homelessness is rising, breakdown in religion, big industries that perpetuate the problem and our education system lacks in stepping up to create better learners.  There are some great teachers it is just the system that is defunct.

The introduction of computers was supposed to help us spend more time with ourselves and our families but instead it created a 24/7 culture, stores and businesses opened up on Sundays, we began consuming more gas because of commuting to work in cars, disengaged from the “real” world and spending too much time on other things than the important things we value.

What can we do?

Recognize that the problem isn’t really the problem, but that the problem is that we live in this great world of intelligence that we are not accessing because we are too caught up in living beyond our means.  We have this extraordinary intelligence called EARTH that has just the right combination of things and beings and atmosphere to provide oxygen and species. We are disrupting this system through our industries, pollution, massive destruction or our resources.


What is happening?

Social isolation, social distancing, told to stay home and rest.  What happened next?  Emission dropped significantly, CO2 levels dropped right away and the normal or seasonal flu is disappearing.  Employers are forced to “trust” their employees working from home, parents now have time to spend with their families, children are learning the value of having a family, we are spending less money on crappy food (hopefully).  The EARTH has been screaming at us to STOP and we are now forced to listen.  You are working on your business.  You now have time to really look after yourself and doing what you should be doing before this happened.  You now have the opportunity to thrive.

There are businesses that are pivoting and booming.  There are going to be more millionaires coming out of this than ever before.  People that have lost their jobs will have a job to go back not like before where you lost your job and had to look for another one.

How to develop an unshakeable mindset?

Recognize that we have the ability to respond with either a fight, flight, fear, freeze OR thrive.

Recognize that this is the end of not having time to be present with families and now we can be present with our families.

Recognize that this is the beginning of an unfolding of a new earth, a mankind that is going to look after and care for each other.

Recognize that this is the best time for the greatest personal development and growth of all time.

Recognize that this is predicable uncertainty because we can create a new world, a new way of life, return to having time off for leisure so we can spend quality time with family, create a world and life where we no longer have to spend time, money and effort on things that take away from our business and personal life.

Steps to Create a Better Life

1. Focus on developing a growth mindset which recognizes that things and people can change for the better.  Commit to developing a practice where you move from fight, flight, fear, freeze and into thrive.

2. Focus on looking after your body by feeding it the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system.  Exercise. Get fresh air.  Eat clean and healthy like fruits and vegetables.  Cut out sugar and crappy food.  Drink lots of water.

3.  Focus on building a positive community so that everyone knows we will get through this and it’s not a matter of if, like 9/11 or the 2009 market crash, but a matter of when.

4. Focus on working on your business so that you can pivot and use the new virtual online systems and processes so that as we start coming out of this, you will be ahead of everyone else.



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Hi, I'm Liz

Hi, I'm Liz

I'm so glad you're here!  I write about living your best life by moving your mind, moving your body, moving your soul so that you can live 90% of the time in a state of peace and calm.  I know that it requires a continuous, daily practice to change your life, and I'm ready to support you in this amazing journey.

Think it. Change it. Live it.

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